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Helping People to Free Themselves From Their No. 1 Fear / Phobia / Anxiety in 5 Simple Steps. Learn Lifelong Tools to Keep Themselves Emotionally Healthy and Fearless and Ensuring They Lead a Better Quality Life.

Who Am I?

As a child, I had allergies and health issues. My mom was over protective and I was 25 before I realized I had suffered from all kinds of fears for many years. I was afraid to participate in sports, or drive a car. I was petrified I would fail, or just not be good enough. I was afraid of snakes and of heights. Seeing a snake in a book or on TV made me hysterical and all this was so debilitating, I couldn’t climb a ladder. I was not living my life. I was avoiding it.

In 2012, everything changed! I found answers. I discovered easy and effective ways to transform myself. I came to understand the root cause of my terrors and rid myself of my anxiety, fears and phobias.

My life was transformed and I am committed to helping people around the world to free themselves, just as I did.

About My Program


Who It Is For?

28 – 50 Years old, who are suffering with persistent fears, phobias, or anxiety which is limiting their lives, their work, their relationships.

I work with my clients to identify the root cause and eliminate it permanently so that they can live their lives free from phobia, fears, or persistent anxiety.


Who It Is Not For?

I don’t work with negative people who are skeptical and questioning of the process. I prefer to offer them an alternative coach or therapist, and wait for the moment they are ready to engage in this type of development. The process of change and achieving the results you want requires your time, energy and commitment.

Module One

Root Cause Discovery


Understand the root cause of where your fear / anxiety comes from and learn the relaxation techniques to release you from the physical discomfort it creates.


What you have been experiencing up to now is a normal response from your brain, which just needs a little fine tuning. By the end of this module, you understand where it comes from and why it affects you so strongly. And you will learn how to release yourself from your pain and discomfort and from any physical manifestation of your anxiety.

Module Two

Work on the Emotions / Emotional Recovery


Immediate relief to reduce your fears and anxiety  

  • Learn 2 ways to recover from the emotional shock that your fear / anxiety causes
  • Learn a long-term technique that you can do from anywhere and anytime to release your blocked emotions freely and powerfully.


Release quickly and efficiently all kind of negative emotions.

What if you could imagine yourself being able to better cope with situations that were debilitating and causing you problems before?

Instead of spending your time avoiding events that trigger your fears or phobias, this course will teach you to face these situations with confidence. Your anxiety will diminish and you will experience a boost to your energy levels. You will take back control of your emotions and enjoy a happier, freer and more fulfilling life!

Module Three

Healing the Past – Journey to the Root Cause


A profound transformation will happen right after this exercise. Your fear, your anxiety will dramatically reduce. You will heal your past and clear your emotional blockages.


Heal your past for a brighter future – Together, you and I will access the root cause that created the fears and anxiety in your life. Once you understand the origin, we will disconnect you from it and the issue will disappear forever. It will not impact your life anymore. Today, nor tomorrow.

Module Four

Fast Phobia Cure


Learn the Fast Fear and Phobia Cure that can be done in just 15 minutes.


The ultimate exercise to overcome any fear, phobia or anxiety.

Imagine yourself in a safe place, in a theater seat or watching a movie on the big-screen in the best seat in the house. This visual and fun exercise will help you perceive your new reality, as if you were the director of the movie. You simply can’t go back to what was there before. To your original fear, phobia or anxiety. It’s that easy!

Module Five

Fine Tuning


Reviewing & testing through visual imagery to make sure that the phobia, fear or anxiety is gone for good.


Clearing away the final emotional debris that may prevent you from fully succeeding. What we will be dealing with here are the last remaining remnants of your past blockages which prevented you from succeeding in ridding yourself of the issue before, even when you tried really hard. In this module, we will make sure there is nothing left behind to hinder your success and that the issue is resolved, once and for all.

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