Raphaele Vallauri-Martin

Please Go Through Everything Before your Session

Common Questions

1. How do you usually work with clients?

My goal is to free you from your fears, phobias and any persistent anxieties that trouble you. I want you to take back control of your emotions and enjoy a happier, freer and more fulfilling life. The way I do this is by mentoring you. I explain the process necessary and coach you to clear and heal yourself of your negative emotions. The exercises and tools I share with you are insightful and crucial for clearing your mind of debilitating past experiences. I will teach you how to stay emotionally healthy, fearless and to lead a better-quality life.
The real reason.

— Why
For years, I was not living my life. I was avoiding it. Having once suffered from all kind of fears, phobias and anxiety myself, I know I can help you to overcome yours. My formula is successful and FAST! There’s no need for medication, or to spend years in therapy.
In 2012, everything changed for me! I found answers. I discovered easy and effective ways to transform myself. I came to understand the root cause of my issues and thanks to coaching, I was able to rid myself of my anxiety, fears and phobias. Believe it or not, it was quick and easy and they never came back.
My life was transformed and now, I am committed to helping men and women around the world to free themselves, just as I did.

— What
All you have to do is follow the 5 simple steps that I created by drawing from all I have learnt and experienced over the past 8 years.
My course will help you to heal, and clear the negative emotions caused by past traumas that create blockages in your life today.
You will feel lighter, confident and more powerful.
You will experience minimal, to no fear. No anxiety or physical stress.
You will be proud of yourself. You will be delighted to tell your family and friends that you have overcome your fears, phobias and anxiety.
You will be free to live your life and able to achieve results that were not possible before.

— How
I transformed my life by applying these 5 simple steps. I liberated myself of all my fears, phobias and persistent anxiety.
I spent more than 3 years researching and learning, implementing, testing and adjusting this method to be able to deliver it to people far-and-wide, in both French and English.
I will share my method with you and take you through, step by step.
You will reclaim your emotional freedom and enjoy a fearless life.
All you have to do is be present and trust that IT IS possible for you to transform your life.

2. What can I expect from the call?

Together, we will analyze your fears, phobias or persistent anxiety so we can determine the root cause of what’s preventing you from living a full and enjoyable life. Once we’re both clear on what’s going on, we’ll discuss your goals. If we determine that working with me is your best next step for a freer life, we’ll progress further. If it is not, I’ll point you in the direction of other resources that may help you.

3. Who is Raphaele Vallauri-Martin?

As a child, my mom was over-protective because I suffered from severe allergies and health issues. I also spent 7 years studying at a boarding school. This experience was tough for me, and made life scary.
When I reached 25, I realized I was petrified by all kind of fears. I was afraid to participate in sports and to drive a car. I suffered from a snake phobia so dreadful, I became hysterical from the sight of one in a book. Standing at heights was debilitating for me and I was constantly anxious about not being good enough.
I was not living my life, I was avoiding it.
In 2012, everything changed! I went in search of, and found answers. I discovered an easy and effective way to change myself. I came to understand the root cause of my issues, and rid myself of all my anxiety, fears and phobias.
My life was transformed. And now I am committed to helping men and women around the world to free themselves, just as I did.